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⭐️ 10 week spring session starting April 12, with ONLINE and OUTDOOR classes!

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What's so great about Bluebird Music Together? 

Community: We help you to foster connections with families in your area- making social and emotional connections through music making is what we do best.

Quality: The Music Together curriculum has won multiple awards and are universally recognized for their quality. The songs are selected to help children experience a variety of musical styles, tonalities, and meters. The CDs feature professional musicians jamming on real acoustic instruments, so you'll find yourself enjoying the music even without your kids! Professionally illustrated songbooks are included as well with your tuition. And with a new song collection featured every ten weeks, you get new songs to enjoy with every new semester. The Music Together program is not just fun, but a complete, developmentally appropriate curriculum based on decades of research into how children learn music. Unlike many other early music programs, all Music Together teachers must complete an intensive three-day workshop and pass a live audition and apprenticeship, demonstrating their musical ability and group-leading skills.

Caregiver involvement: Class is just the beginning. As much as children enjoy the classes, a big part of our mission is to give parents the tools and confidence to enjoy sharing music making at home with their children after all, that’s where most of the learning really takes place. We help you learn fun ways to interact musically with your child, and learn how to recognize your child’s musical development milestones.

Music Together is for everyone! Music Together classes teach children basic music skills, but they're designed to be fun for grownups too. You don’t have to be musically skilled to enjoy the classes. Since all learning styles and development speeds are respected and celebrated, children feel safe and confident in gaining music skills. There is no wrong way to enjoy the music.

We invite you to visit a class, and see for yourself how Bluebird Music Together can enrich your family’s life!

Our mission is to make the world a better place, by making it more musical.





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