What Parents Say

Comments about our program.

"Music Together has been by far the highest quality program we have found for our children. They have learned to love singing and making up songs, and the class has left a lasting mark on our whole family's musical interest and knowledge. My husband and I look forward to the class as much as the kids do."


Since starting this class, I have gained the confidence to sing to my children at home. Often they also respond to me by singing, and that is just too cool!"


"Now that Emma is used to the way we start music class by patting the beat on our knees, she uses that as a way to ask me to sing for her at home. When she plops down in my lap, pats my knees, and looks up at me expectantly, I know she is asking me to sing to her."


"The classes were so much fun! At home, songs kept appearing from our daughter's mouth in little snippets when she made some connections with the experience. She'd repeat a motion from the class or a phrase of melody. The class was also great because it exposed us, the parents, to what musical developmental milestones to look for in our children."


"We loved this music class. My daughter enjoyed the rhythms, instruments, and singing about animals she was just learning about. Her language flourished as she started saying words we were singing every week. I also learned a lot about music and how to bring it into our lives on a daily basis. I've started singing during a transition to let her know what's coming next and life is much smoother now. This class opened a whole new world for us."